Looking for some advice, I currently have the evohome set up to control all my radiators in the house, I'm now looking for something for my 3 ufh zones. I could stick with the evohome but the cost of the new BDR's and stats seem a bit excessive for what I want, all I want.

Currently I have a wired stat in each zone with a further single setback stat, they all go back to my old danfoss programmer. I have each star set at the temp I want in each room throughout the day (21c) and the programmer set to turn on at 6am and off at 10pm which is fine but I'm looking for something to keep the temp at a certain temp during the 'off time'as I'm finding it drops significantly through the night and spends most of the day trying to catch up.

I did think about seting the set back stat at a higher temp but don't know how efficient that will be?

Is there anything I can install instead of my danfoss to give me better Control without spending hundreds and hundreds of the evohome ufh system?