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Thread: EvoHome programming multiple HR92's

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    Default EvoHome programming multiple HR92's

    Hi, and thanks for adding me.

    I'm struggling loads with the installation of evohome... I'm struggling with the switching of the boiler...

    so in the interest of complete disclosure, I might have been a little too exited on day 1 and gone through the installation without properly reading the instructions, but as a man, I think this should have been expected.

    I have 28 rads including 4 towel rails in the house. I have set up 11 zones, and as an example, My living room has 4 rads in it.. I set everything up on friday and the boiler was switching on when I set the demand on one or all of the zones, but wouldn't switch off again. Even if I pressed manual override off, it would switch back on again after about a minute.

    After reading many posts and advice here and on other pages... I did what I beleive to be a complete and factory reset on all devices to start the installation process from scratch... I reset the wireless receiver, I did a factory reset on the control box and took batteries out for half an hour, and I unbound all of the TRVs and did what i read is a reset, by going to main menu and going to 12, pressing the function button over to 0, changing the 0 to 1, then going to exit. (it doesn't feel like this does anything I'm sure there is a missing step here). Then I followed the instructions to the letter... here is what happens.

    I set up only the living room with one TVR bound to living room zone. I set the temperature of this TRV to 30, and the receiver light switches on to green, and the boiler fires up.
    I set the TRV to 15, and the Green light switches off, and the boiler shuts down.
    Repeat sever times with the same result. Perfect... So I believe I proved the wiring etc is correct, because it all acts as expected. I believe the TRV is communicating fine, because all acts as expected.

    The problem arises when I bind in the other three Rads in the living room. I follow the instructions to now bind them in. I put all three to binding, then I go to settings, zone configuration, and living room. Then I click on RF Devices and press the green button on the screen. I get a success message and the other three TRVs now say living room. I believe this is then setting the valves up to mimic what the frist valve does, as the first valve will act as the master and only use this thermostat. ... I get a message saying 4 bound 2 ways.

    I then set the temp to 30, and all 4 TRVs go to 30. Whatever I do manually or through the programmer, all 4 valves in the living room react the same. When I ask for the temperature to increase... The green light lights on the receiver, and the boiler fires up.

    Now I set the temp to 15 on my mater TRV, or through the controller, and all the rads wind down to 15... but the green light remains on the receiver, and the boiler remains on. If I manually override it the boiler switches off and the light goes out... but then 1 minute later it switches back on again. Ive left it for over an hour, understanding that sometimes the message might not be received, and I believe it resends every 4 minutes, so I left it, and all I did was cook everyone in the living room.. There doesn't appear to ever be a signal to shut the boiler off.

    I tried a complete reset about 5 times over this weekend and every time I get the same results. It works with one, but the minute I add the other three, it fails. I might add that I tried binding 1 extra TRV at a time, and it seemed to work with three, but the 4th made it fail. So I treid doing it in a different order, trying to see if one of the valves might be faulty... but I don't think this is the issue. Again, my understanding is that nothing should really change in the communications, since even with 3 extra bound in, the communication to the switch is from the 1st valve, and this works on its own.
    I tried to unbind one at a time but it only works once I unbind all three and just leave the original one bound, then switch off the wireless receiver manually and it finally switches off and stays off... then it will work in control again on the one valve.

    I'm literally out of ideas.. please help.

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    you can delete this post from here in the general forum, I have moved it to the appropriate heating forum now, apologies.

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