Why oh why, when speaking to the majority of electricians and plumbers do I get a look of shock when discussing any form of automation?! Automation systems have been around of years yet I'm still looked at as if I'm an early adopter.

At home I use Rako Controls for downstairs lighting (due to a renovation), Evohome for HW/CH and SmartThings for other automation voodoo. For our new bathroom project, I'm planning to use a Rako wireless battery switch panel to operate the lights and Sonos (via Rako Gateway that I already own). I've selected an Aqualisa Q for the shower, mainly for the digital capability and family friendly interface.

I've been told I need to have an extractor fan, which the electrician even after knowing my other automated aspects of the house, suggested I use a pull string to turn on the fan!! I don't want the fan to come on when the lights come on, even though that is possible using Rako + modules. I do want the fan to come on when the shower comes on.

So, is it possible to put a relay of sorts in between the Aqualisa Q and pump (comes with the Q) and the extractor fan?

Hoping for some quick useful responses as the trades are on site this week.

Many thanks.