My 22 year old boiler was serviced yesterday and the serviceman, who has being doing it for the past few years, remarked that he has seen quite a few control systems for central heating, most of them in fact, but the one he likes best is Evohome which he first saw when doing my service a few years ago.

He did though make two other comments:

1. He has come across some said to be approved Evohome installers who do not seem to know much about it - same experience as myself a couple of years or so ago.

2. He highly recommends the Intergas boiler as simple and reliable even though as he admits it does not produce many call outs because of its reliability. Servicing he says is straight forward and he could not recommend anything better. He himself is not an Intergas installer so he is not pushing his own commission. He did say though, that when there are faults, not often, the service people Intergas send out are not impressive and he had the impression that some, just a few, when the fault should be obvious, do a temporary repair knowing it will fail and they will get another call. Apparently they get a fee for each call out. That seems like fraud to me! He has reported it to Intergas but they have done nothing, he thinks because they do not have many service people in the area.