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Thread: Honeywell Evohome & HW customer service perception

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    Default Honeywell Evohome & HW customer service perception

    Reading this board, I often reflect on how critical we are of features of EvoHome, and of Honeywell in general. Personally, I am pretty happy with my Evohome, but there is SO much that could be improved. So I had a hunt around and found this:

    Now although this is about general HW thermostats, HW should really sit up and take notice - People are not happy.

    Honeywell could use this board to gain access to such a passionate set of expert and basic users with feedback/suggestions etc for product development.

    They need to engage more and listen far more. We all want Evophome to be successful, and HW may be surprised how many people are prepared to contribute to this - All FOC!

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    To be fair, some of the things suggested here (e.g. a display of heat demand) HAVE made it into the product (albeit people then complained about how it was done), so we are listened to.

    And also some people here have been selected to beta test new hardware, software, and 3rd party integrations.

    Having said all of that, it's all gone a bit quiet of late.

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    Quote Originally Posted by paulockenden View Post
    Having said all of that, it's all gone a bit quiet of late.
    It ain't half...

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