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Just a couple of weeks back Paul, there was a member of this forum crying out for an installer. Your and my experience is similar in that these so called “professionally trained” installers knew little. It was a little embarrassing when I had to explain to one such how it works! But that was some time back and yes it would be good to know from others whether the quality of the service is now good.

As for using Facebook etc. to suggest changes, share ideas etc. I remain speechless. Most of the big suppliers of product have help and suggestion pages on their own web site - e.g. Arlo, Netgear, Philips, Apple. It is where I go to if seeking help and on the whole it is well set up. When I last looked at Honeywell on Facebook there was nothing I could see that bore any relation to the sensible comment and good advice we get here and it was more about telling us how wonderful Honeywell are. Within this forum some excellent suggestions for improvements, and the need for them, have been made over the past 4 to 5 years but nothing effected. We realised long ago that the end user is not of great interest to Honeywell. Reflected particularly in how they never explain what they are doing when say the system goes off line. All frustrating for the product is good, I am pleased with it and it works well.

Honeywell forget also that the end user could be a widow or widower whose recently deceased partner was the gadget one and the survivor is left helpless. My wife would not know where to start if she was told to read the manual and past experience does no have any expertise nearby other than probably another user of the system who I know lives not so far away.

If you do not support your customer then others in the market will fast overtake you.
have a look at this page, has lots of info on the products and you can sign up to marketing updates https://getconnected.honeywellhome.com/en/support

with the advent of GDPR we need your permission to contact you

regarding updates resulting from suggestions there have been some updates resulting from this, perhaps you need the latest firmware update?

the network of connected specialists are trained and expert in evohome, perhaps you haven't chosen 'connected specialist' in the search? https://heatingcontrols.honeywellhom...er/?src=howevo