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Thread: Smart homes can be quite rigid

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    Default Smart homes can be quite rigid

    Hear me out.

    My girls decided that their room was smaller than the Guest room so spent the half term relocating. The hard work was actually the easiest.

    What we didn't account for was moving the Child Bedroom smart devices to the Guest Bedroom. These two rooms have such different usage.

    First was the heating system controllers.
    Then the alarm PIR. I use the PIR information to track and predict room utilisation. So that configuration had to be moved across.
    The smart lights.
    The multi room sound system had to be reconfigured.
    I use dash buttons for easy On and Off in a room, they had to be reprogrammed.
    The room controller that is fixed to the wall had to be reconfigured.
    The Echos needed swapping over too.

    In the end my girls heard me say those dreaded words....the good ol' days were simple.
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