It was suggested that I look at the Cortex logs while trying to sort out my noticeboard problem (after a PC rebuild/Cortex reinstall) - see earlier thread.

What I found when I looked at them was a bit disconcerting:

1) Cortex is only logging up to the first auto-log shutoff point, no subsequent log files are produced.
Looking back at the system, this has been the case since I first installed Cortex W10 in May 2018.

2) Defibrillator is periodically losing the connection to Cortex and rebooting the PC.
This is transparent to us as Cortex seems to be w

I have another application running on the same PC that is continually monitoring our solar panels.
It logs its latest data every minute and those logs show that the PC is still working until Defibrillator reboots it.

Without the Cortex logs it's difficult to see if Cortex is really having a problem, because it seems to be working before the reboot.

What do I need to check/change so that Cortex starts logging continuously to help resolve this problem?

Thanks in advance, Martin