I am currently undertaking a refurbishment of my house and need to replace my old Hive box with something a bit bigger.

My heating system will consist of a combi boiler (Highflow 440, with switched direct h/w and heat), supplying three radiator zones, two UFH zones and a hot water tank (OSO) - all via individual a 2 port valves.

I am looking for a centralised control system, specifically evohome. I guess I need a connected thermostat pack (sited in the primary zone), 4x Y87/BDR91 for the other 4 heating zones, a hot water kit for the tank and an additional BDR91 to control the hot water on the boiler? One thing I am not clear on is if it is even possible to have the hot water tank and also a switched h/w output on the boiler - the literature states one hot water zone only!? If not any suggestions of a system that would allow both?

Secondly I also have a number of Velux Integra windows, is there a way to integrate the two systems (i.e. if window is open, then no heat, or if too warm, open a window)?

Many thanks in advance!