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Thread: Evohome may not save you money..

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    The 'problem' is that Honeywell, like a number of smart heating control manufacturers, uses a single study which allows claims like the following to be made:

    Quote Upgrading your basic timer and thermostat control to evohome smart zoning could deliver as much as 40% savings on heating your home.* Unquote

    Caveated by:

    Quote:* Source Energy Saving Research Unit, Strathclyde University 2013 & TACMA 2013 - Energy savings quoted were calculated using a 3 bedroom, 2 level home, located in the UK, modelling a family of 4 over a typical week’s activity, comparing an evohome smart zoning system, with recommended settings, to a system comprising of a simple timer, single non-programmable room thermostat and no Thermostatic radiator valves. Individual Energy savings gained are dependent upon existing controls, environment and lifestyle. Unquote

    Having explored this at length with BRE, as they produce the dataset that is used by all EPC Assessors, they do not accept such claims at face value nor do they accept ErP self certification lodged with The Office of Standards and Safety. The EPC default position for Evohome is 2% as I was told that Honeywell has not submitted Evohome to the BRE for evaluation.

    Clearly, Evohome - like a smart TV or a smart phone - is a purchase of personal choice. The perceived benefits of having this technology in the home may well outweigh cost savings. It is though interesting that 6 years on, no other academic institute has AFAIK come up with a study that mirrors the results of the Strathcylde University study.

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    I'm not quite sure why, but my experience with fitting Evohome seems pretty consistent with the extremes of the conclusions from the study. I fitted Evohome about 3 years ago in my 5 bed 1930s house (single-glazed, cavity & loft insulated) which also has a modern 2-storey extension (double glazed etc) built about 6 years ago. My winter gas consumption seems to have dropped considerably, approx 40-50%, which is obviously a fantastic outcome, but I'm really at a loss to explain why especially as the last 3 winters don't seem to have been particularly mild. As others have said, the overall temperature of the house feels a lot more comfortable with Evohome with less extremes. I heat most of the rooms to about 20deg first thing in the morning and all evening and the rest of the time they are set to 16deg. Previously, I had a single 'smart' thermostat (Glow Worm Climapro2 RF) mounted in the hall which had similar settings and all radiators had manual TRVs plus an external sensor for temperature compensation. I'm mostly at home during the day and on particularly cold days I previously restricted myself to my office which gradually warmed-up without additional heating as it's part of the modern extension. The Evohome control approach where you can easily heat a single room when you need it really suits me on these cold days as I can quickly warm up a single room for an hour or two and then let it fall back to the normal schedule, but doesn't noticeably impact my overall gas consumption.

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