I have had my Evohome system in for about 4 years now with no problems and I have reached the point where I have forgotten about it bar changing the batteries in the HR92s occasionally.

But I have started to perhaps have problems with my adult son's bedroom. It appears to be overshooting by quite a bit. There have also been times when I have gone into his room and he had manually turned the HR92 off but the radiator is still hot.

He has left it alone for a while though but this morning I have gone in after he has gone to work and the temp is 21c. The max setpoint is 17c for this morning with an overnight setpoint of 10c. I have just checked again and the HR92 temp is now falling, showing currently 19.5c.

I have attached some screenshots of the schedule and SmartThings logs for overnight but not quite sure where to start troubleshooting otherwise I was thinking of buying a DT92.

E Friday Schedule.jpgE Saturday Schedule.jpgE SmartThings 1.jpgE SmartThings 2.jpgE SmartThings 3.jpg