I came down this morning to a communication failure on the EvoHome controller. When I cleared the message, most (not all) of my zones, including hot water, are now reading '--' for the temperature.

Took a look at the fault log and lots of communication loss at about 2:30 last night. A few have returned, most have not.

I had breakfast, took another look and 4 more actuators had restored communication so, having to go to work, I hoped the rest would return. Looking at the app, I can see they haven't - it also seems to have overrides indicated on the zones that are back up and running so I've reset these remotely (probably!) but see that one of these hasn't 'stuck' and has gone back up to 20.

I also note it's been calling for heat overnight. So when communication was lost, it seemed to think heat was required even though all the valves should've been shut down for the night

Nothing weird happened during the night to the best of my knowledge. Normal day, no electricals on to speak of overnight. Anyone seen this or got any thoughts on getting it back and running with minimal disruption? Don't want to have to sit and rebind everything as nothing has changed, but not sure how to get it to pick everything up again?

Guess I'll be working at home this afternoon to sort this mess out.