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Thread: Challenger Electricity Supplier - Octopus and their Agile tariff

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    Default Challenger Electricity Supplier - Octopus and their Agile tariff

    Morning all,

    Has anyone looked into or changed to Octopus as their energy supplier? They are a new supplier but came top of Which? review of the market last year. One of their tariffs is called Agile this has 30 minute pricing slots that follow the wholesale market so overnight if generation is high and consumption is low the cost of electricity could actually be negative (happened 4 times in 2018 and was below 2p / kwh 31 times). A home with lots of automation could probably make use of this for some good savings for things like the washing machine, tumble dryer, dishwasher.

    The API appears to be fully documented and is based on REST endpoints (, they also have a IFTTT connector with pre-made connections for Philips Hue, Tado, WeMo, Nest, Sonos


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    I think I'd prefer to act on pulled data rather than have to send my usage via a 'smart' meter every 30 minutes, so on that basis sounds like a good option. Time of use tariffs are I think one of the main intents of the disingenuous smart meter campaign. All I still see in promotional material is emphasis on how these meters will result in huge reductions in energy consumption, even after results from not unbiased utilities have shown an effect of something like 2% at best. I'd feel more inclined to fit one if the campaign simply came clean about the real intents, oh and after I felt that the meters themselves were beyond the 'minimum viable product' stage. Also, I think that although the nobler aim of TOU tariffs is to improve supply balancing, past experience would suggest that these will likely be utilised to try and obfuscate price comparison. But I doubt we'll have much choice in the end anyway, sigh..

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