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Thread: New Evohome Setup - Few questions

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    Default New Evohome Setup - Few questions

    Hi all,

    Looking for some pointers on the most efficient way of setting up my evohome system.

    Items that i have bought are:
    1 x Evohome Controller
    10 x HR92's
    1 x Hot Water Kit
    1 x HCC80R UFH controller
    4 x T87RF Wireless thermostats
    1 x BDR91 Wireless Relay Box

    I have a grant vortex bolier and an unvented hot water cylinder.
    From what I understand, the HR92's, HCC80R, T97RF and Hot water kit all talk to the evohome controller.
    Do I need two BDR91's along with two valves? One to control the Hot water and the other to control the radiators and UFH?
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    I think the answer is 'it depends'. Do you already have two valves in your system (one for hot water and the other for the central heating circuit)? If so, then you can use a set-up with a BDR91 attached to each of the valves. I retrofitted my Evohome system to a S-plan set-up with hot water and central heating zone valves, but I simply latched the central heating valve open as I have HR92s on all radiators, so I only use one BDR91 controlling the hot water valve.

    I wasn't 100% sure that I'd understood your question correctly though. Were you asking whether you needed a further 2 BDR91s along with zone valves? If you can provide a little more info it would be helpful.


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