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Thread: Connecting a Honeywell Lyric T6R to a Bosch 35cdi

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    Believe it or not I think I have sorted it
    With your help and measuring the continuity I started to think what else is preventing it from firing up - esp when it worked with the jumper lead between ale and Ls

    As I don’t have a physical timer clock on the boiler but a wireless receiver I had a ‘ BINGO” Moment - What if I disconnected this and did it interfere with the Lyric?

    Receiver removed and is working fine now
    Just need to obtain a blanking plate

    Many many thanks for you invaluable help mate 🤝

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    Quote Originally Posted by Andypthomas View Post
    Receiver removed and is working fine now
    Glad it's sorted. Well done. Cheers!

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