Hi there, I am looking for some advice and hopefully this is the place.

I am in the process of redecorating my living room up here in sunny Scotland and have taken the opportunity before the plasterer comes in to make a few changes.

I have installed 9 LAP 4w LED downlighters into my roof and 2 sets of Simfonio Alexa LED Strip Lights - LED Lights Strip Compatible with Alexa, Google Home, IFTTT, WiFi Smart Phone Wireless Controller - RGB LED Light Str that I will install so as to flood light down the walls from the top.

I was looking to install the Sonoff touch switches but it seems they do not have a dimmer function and that is definitely required and wondered if you could recommend a switch to make them both voice controlled via my Google Home? The Sonoff switch is perfect for me apart from not being able to dim and with 9 x 4w downlighters I sometimes need dimming.

I have at present one switch that just controls the roof downlighters a straight switch no dimmers. On the other side of the room I have another wall switch this time with 2 switches one that controls the wall LED Strips and the other is the second switch for the roof lights again no dimmer so that I can control the on and off function of the roof downlighter from either side of the room.

I am looking for something to control the roof downlighters via my google set up without having to install a hub the most simple non hubbed and reasonably priced ( hey Im from Greenock lol) switches

Im not asking much but hope you can help both me and my electrician as hes bloody good at his job but knows very little about this side of things and Im not far behind him learning bits as I go along.

Any help would be gratefully received thanks.