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Thread: "Binding problem" turned out to be problem with Fault Log

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    Default "Binding problem" turned out to be problem with Fault Log

    I thought people might find it useful to hear about my experience...

    I bought my Evohome system 2.5 years ago. Followed the binding instructions carefully due to dire warnings on this site and elsewhere. All went fine.

    Since then a couple of the HR92 have failed. One was chewed off by the dog (who is older and wiser now I hope). The other was damaged by water leaking from a defective TRV body.
    As a "temporary" fix I just replaced them with the old TRV heads. The controller has shown a little warning triangle against both zones ever since.

    Recently I had a new radiator installed, and the leaky TRV replaced. So finally got round to replacing the other two as well as adding an HR92 to the new rad,. I read advice on here about various ways to remove all traces of previous bindings (eg delete the zone; clear binding from any HR92 to be re-used etc etc.)
    One of the HR92's bound fine to its new zone.
    BUT the other two turned into a bit of a nightmare. I tried umpteen different ways but kept getting the same result - the binding process would appear to go absolutely fine, but then the little red triangle would immediately appear saying there was a comms error with the actuator. RF check was fine. Also the controller & HR92 seemed to communicate just fine (easy to test by changing target temperature). So the system actually worked ok - but I couldn't get rid of the pesky error symbols.

    Today I rang up the Evohome Shop, and they helped me sort it out in just a few minutes...
    Turns out the binding process was fine (as it appeared to be) - the problem lay in the fault log itself.
    He suggested I clear the fault log and the error symbols instantly disappeared!

    As I understand it the log contains FAULT records from when a problem occurs. Then if it automatically resolves the problem it will create a corresponding record (RECOVER? RESOLVE? I can't remember exactly what it said). If there is an unmatched FAULT in the log it will continue to display the warning symbol. This is a nice idea - unless it gets out of synch. I guess the problem was caused by me throwing the broken HR92's away but not clearing down the log. You would expect this to get tidied up when a zone is deleted - but somehow it got its knickers in a twist.
    Anyway problem appears to be solved now!

    I hope this helps save someone from the hassle and frustration I went through till 3am last night!

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    Thank you for posting Nicodemus, this is potentially extremely useful.

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    Glad you sorted it. I always check and clear the fault log on a regular basis as I fell into the same trap a few years back. It was the replace battery warning that got me fooled, though I didn't have the two sides of my brain connected!

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