I'm looking at possible (inexpensive) ways to monitor realtime, or as close to realtime, water usage as possible, but so far the cheapest solutions seem to be 300+ devices which don't seem to offer open access to either an API or way to scrape the data & ingest it into a time-series database.

We do have a 'smart' water meter fitted, but I use the term 'smart' extremely loosely. It's a Diehl iZAR RC i W, but this was fitted by the water company & as such, I have no access to any data from it other than a 'monthly' summary 12 months down the line when they read the meter. Also, if I was to continuously poll the meter (if that was even possible) the built in battery would soon run out.

As for inexpensive, the 300+ solutions I've seen are things like Flo, Fluid, Belkin Phyn, all mostly marketed in the states, but are ridiculously expensive!

However, one idea is to fit a secondary meter within the property, which has a pule rate of 1 pulse/litre. Looking at it, something like this may be suitable:


I could then hook up an Arduino which would record the pulses & feed back consumption to a time series db (Influxdb in my case) which would give me pretty reliable visibility.

I've seen a few online pages pointing to this solution, but just wondering if anyone on here has done something similar?