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Thread: Lightwave room temperature sensors ?

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    Default Lightwave room temperature sensors ?

    Asking for a friend...

    Does anyone know whether a room that has a Lightwave radiator controller valve can have one of their room sensors "linked" to the zone to be a remote sensor for the radiator controller, as you can do with Evohome ?

    I've read through the installation guides and in my opinion this question is not answered by the guides - it looks more to me like radiator valves and room sensors are mutually exclusive and can't be used in the same zones... ? (EG the room sensor is either a whole house boiler control, or a zone controller in a system with traditional zone valve zones)

    By the way, huge discounts on Lightwave heating controls at the moment - which is why he's looking. He's a current Tado V3 owner with radiator controllers but is unhappy with the cost of the room thermostat for the Tado (double that of Evohome) to add as a sensor for some zones which are not sensing the temperature very well...
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