From time to time our EvoHome system seems haunted. I mean, at times it's not following its program. Not often, but it's annoying.
2 simple examples:
1. Last autumn or so all of a sudden our bathroom zone (2 HR92's) jumped to the max temp (which I had luckily reduced from the max 35C(?) to 26C) for no reason. I think this happened twice.
Last year I called a Honeywell representative about this, and he said to do a full reset of the HR92s. He explained an undocumented trick: go to the bind menu of the HR92, and keep pressing the button for 5-10sec until it actually unbinds. Then add it to the zone again. He claimed this gets rid of any remnants from a previous zone config. I was doubtful but gave it a try, and this issue hasn't come up anymore since.
2. Today both our living room zone (4 HR92's) & bathroom zone were set to 16C. While they should have been 20.5 and 19 respectively since 16:30. My wife noticed the zones were still green when she came home from work, while they should have been orange. She took a picture of the console to prove it to me.

We don't have kids or pets that potentially mess about with the HR92's. This just happens on its own.

Anyone else having this?
Is there a way to get logs from the console, so I can have a bit more insight on what's actually happening? (I'm an IT guy, so I love logs )
Any other tricks to undocumented tricks prevent this?