I have been using evohome for over 2 years with an old ariston boiler via bdr91. It worked ok, however it was a time to replace a boiler and have chosen intergas exclusive paird via opentherm.

The system is working fine however there is one problem that bugs me.

My doughters bedroom is about 0.5-1c colder then the rest of bedrooms. During night we have bedrooms set at 19C. While another 2 bedrooms can retain the heat, my doughters bedroom is at constant low heat demand around 2%-4% during night, which causes the boiler to cycle for around 45seconds every 10min cycle. Its quite annoying as her radiator doesnt even have a chance to heat up for this short period of time.

Is there any way to restict the boiler/boiler to wait for a higher heat demand?

I ve tried to change the cycle on evohome to 3 rather then 6 but the setting is ignored. Why is that?

I ve noticed that boiler has an openthrem parmater to only respond to heat if demand is greater than 30%. Which may be solution.

Any clues what to do.