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Thread: Entering hte minefield of an autoimated home

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    Default Entering the minefield of an automated home

    To my esteemed forumites,

    I've been reading many of the articles and seem to have just gone round in circles and am now totally confused. So looking for you to bear through my ramblings and provide your expert advice. I looking for options, budget is tight but not non existent!

    I am doing a whole renovation and will be looking to rewire for automation & home cinema -

    For the Home Cinema Im thinking of independent audio and video/tv to at least two zones but possibly 4 TV and 8 audio (if its not to much different)

    Initial setup thoughts -
    CAT 6e

    4 to each tv point
    1 to wall controller
    1 to highest point in middle of house for Ubiquiti WIFI
    CAT6e with HDBaseT to PJ for 4k or should I use Hybrid HDMI from downstairs PJ and lounge TV zone
    Optical cable in main zones back to amp
    Subwoofer cable (RCA) to sub point from Amp
    RCA to record player
    Speaker wire to low points in lounge to wall speakers
    Freeview aerial? via RF - min 1 X RG6
    1 from virgin media entry point to hub
    For home alarm recording to a NVR -

    CAT 5e to POE camera
    CAT 5e to motion points and door sensors
    CAT5e to video doorbell and back to room plate for video panel
    CAT 5e to alarm box

    For lighting -

    Philips Hue?
    Lightwave RF? Can do heating as well?
    LED Strip lighting in channels
    o For the ground floor living room I need ceiling LED strip lighting. Room size approx 3mx5m. I also want above kitchen cabinets 4m run and 5 m run.
    For the ground floor entrance hallway and stairs I was looking at LED strip lighting on top of the skirting boards. These would come on based on either darkness, time or movement.
    For the first floor I want low level LED spots in the en suite and bathroom, I also want LED strip lighting in the landing. Again these would come on based on either darkness, time or movement. Ideally movement in the bathrooms
    For the second floor I want the same as first in the bathroom and stair and landing
    For the heating -

    Needs to control rads, water based UFH and electric UFH

    Velux control (open/close)
    and for open source voice assistant (non cloud based)

    So if you have got this far...thank you. As you can see I want to do a lot and am feeling lost and bewildered on my choices!

    Any advice is very much appreciated.

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