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Thread: Evohome mixed setup: combining UFH w/ rad zones

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    Question Evohome mixed setup: combining UFH w/ rad zones


    First post, thanks for having me!

    At home I have an evohome wifi system running, which I am adjusting to the new situation in home. We got some legacy ufh and as part of a rebuilding we now got ufh installed in some additional rooms. Until now I have had 7 zones of rads only and now added two more for two additional small rooms. This went well and without any issues. I also added the OpenTherm bridge (R88180) to the boiler. The evohome is added to my Synology Domoticz setup and working perfectly as such.

    But now I want to add the ufh to the system also. In total I have three manifolds providing 4 zones consisting of 7 loops:
    - Zone 1 living room (3 loops, manifold 1)
    - Zone 2 hallway (1 loop, manifold 1)
    - Zone 3 pantry (1 loop, legacy manifold 2)
    - Zone 4 bathroom (2 loops, manifold 3)
    The manifolds are not in the same rooms.

    Manifold 1 is connected to a HCE80, the loops for the living-room combined in one zone and this zone I added to the evohome living-room zone as UFH, but to an existing zone with an convector controlled by an HR92, where the sensor is the evohome. Testing by adjusting the temp to 30 degrees Celsius results in both the convector as well as the HCE80 to open up and start spreading heat. Is this an "allowed" configuration? For the bathroom and the hallway/pantry (both may be controlled as one zone) I would like to do the same since both have HR92 in the same area: so add a ufh to existing zone. See above: is this "allowed"?

    Hardware-wise I am still struggling a bit: I do not want to add two HCE80s extra to my config, since that would be to expensive. So I came up with two ideas:
    1. Connect a bdr91 to the pump and add thermal actuators (same as w/ the hce80) to them and add the BDR91 as zone valve to the existing evohome zone. Is this compatible with the modulating OpenTherm bridge?
    2. If not, I thought about replacing the manual actuators of the manifold by hr92's (add this to the corresponding evohome zone) and use the BDR91's for the pumps (and add this as zone valve to the same evohome zone).

    If this works I know I will need (to check w/ the plumber if the is) a bypass for the boiler.

    I am curious about your thoughts about my setup and your opinion on the options above (or maybe even better ones). Thanks very much.

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