I asked Honeywell about future integration with Honeywell. The reply received today reads:

“At this time, evohome is not integrated with Apple HomeKit.

We are constantly evaluating the offerings in the connected home arena and determining and resetting priorities. Future integration with Apple HomeKit is a distinct possibility but we are unable to commit to any dates at this time.

Please bare in mind that the Apple HomeKit is just one eco-system and evohome plays nicely with Google Home, Amazon's Alexa, and IFTTT.

For users that specifically want Apple HomeKit support the T6 Lyric Thermostat is the best option.”

Now if I went the T6 Lyric route it would cost me about £1000. Quite some time back Evohome did work for a very short time with HomeKit and then it disappeared. If it can be done with Google then it can be done with Apple. Unless I am not seeing the wood for the trees, when you search around Honeywell with respect to the subject one reads an awful lot about Home and such but very little about Evohome. Does this mean the end of line for Evohome is coming towards us? I hope not for the product is fine but it does need to be brought more up to date than it is. By now we ought to be seeing integration across the board with the likes of Apple.

On the other hand the use of the words “Future integration with Apple HomeKit is a distinct possibility” may mean yes, it is to happen. But then why not tell us? It is hardly a secret that needs must be kept.