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Thread: OT produced a heat demand during a comm failure...was that the fail safe?

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    Default OT produced a heat demand during a comm failure...was that the fail safe?

    Woke up in the middle of the night to hear the boiler running, which was odd because the heating system has been Turned Off for while now. We have solar so even the HW is taken care of.
    What I found was one of the zones had the hour glass symbol and that same zone was producing a Heat Demand of 10, as confirmed in the System Settings. Why was that? Was it the fail safe that kicked in?
    Worst of all there is absolutely nothing in the fault log to suggest what happened to that zone. No message regarding that zone for months now.

    Now when I look at what the various systems were doing its even more puzzling. I've attached a graph to show you what I mean.

    The OT Bridge is requesting some really high temperatures from the boiler (thank goodness my boiler is set to a max of 60C in the summer). You can see that the HGI80 manages to read the zone's correct room temperature but the temperature held for that zone on the Honeywell servers is 128C!


    All seems to magically return back to normal after about 50 mins or so. Strange.
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