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    Hi there,

    I'm looking to re-wire/re-route my BT telephone connection as the previous owners have made a right mess of it all!

    I would like to split the connection into multiple rooms... what's the best way to do this?

    Also, where's the best place to get external grade phone cable?

    Thanks very much/...

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    You might want to look at the Abitana product range, while this would do more than just telephone, if you are going to re do the phone system then it would be an ideal opportunity to install some sort of cat 5 cabling system. This will be used for telephone, networking, TV and Audio distribution. This may be a little more than you need at present. But might be worth doing.
    The Abitana system uses a modified Cat5 cable twisted pair 7&8 have an extra screen and are slightly thicker. Can't remember the actual wire guage. The cable costs only slightly more than normal cat 5.
    Uk distributor and Abitana are at (this site doesn't work very well with firefox)

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