Has anybody any experience of using Evohome with skirting board radiators, particularly those from DiscreteHeat?

It may be that in the near future we will do some alterations to the house which result in the repositioning of radiators and the type of radiator supplied by DiscreteHeat appeals. I donít think there is another in the market who does the same. Whilst they do have a thermostatically controlled system it would not be compatible with Evohome and it seems that one would have to add to the flow pipe an appropriate valve to take an HR92. I think it can be done to look OK if perhaps there is a small plastic box over most of the valve and the HR92 pokes out.

The concept of their (DiscreteHeatís) system appeals. It is neat and leaves wall space free etc. Their electric version looks OK for my conservatory which is currently heated by a radiator off my current central heating system and it struggles when it is cold!