Hello guys, I have had my system installed for nearly 2 years now and for most of it it works flawlessly. I even have it integrated in to Alexa :-) :-)
Since day one though I have always been getting a boiler actuator relay fault. As the heating and hot water were both working as normal I just used to cancel the message. After doing a bit of research I found that this could be caused by double bonding. So on the controller I removed the stored hot water or should I say disabled and on the heating control I selected none. I then went on and selected enabled for the sored hot water and went through the bonding process with the cs92. I then get the success and it asks me what sort of system, I select 2 or 3 valve and it asks me to bond again which I am presuming they mean the BDR91 which I go through the 15 sec and 5 sec routing I get the success again and it asks me to bond the heating actuator which again I am presuming they mean the other BDR91 I have connected to my heating. All seemed to go through without any problem. However the boiler will not come on when I request the hot water on and although the heating will come on and go off the green light on the BDR91 is staying on even though the boiler is off. Have any of you far more knowledgeable chaps than me got any ideas as to where I have gone wrong?