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Thread: Bosch Smart Thermostat or evoHome

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    Default Bosch Smart Thermostat or evoHome

    I am complete newbie, but need to order a control for my new boiler. Should I go for evoHome as it seems it has more features than any other systems? Looks like Bosch are working on improving their controls too and might be very reliable.
    So hard to choose the right control. Ideally I need reliability and comfort.

    Any thoughts are really appreciated.

    I've also been reading about e-UFH, and looks like there is no system on market compatible with it so it e-UFH works together with normal heating. So I will go with a standard individual control for my e-UDH and the rest will be smart thermostats from one of those companie son the market.

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    bit of a late reply. The Bosch smart stuff looks interesting, but I can't seem to find how it controls the boiler so am a bit confused about how it works. Be interested if anyone could illuminate me.

    ok found a review
    and in my opinion it is rubbish and I can't see the point of it as it doesn't control the boiler...
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