I've had my Wiser system (Hub, room thermostat and (x13) radiator thermostats) for just over 8 months now and i noticed the other night when one of the radiators called for heat that most of the radiator thermostats are now showing low battery. I noted one however that showed 'no signal' - I assumed the batteries in there had completely expired. But as I went round the house replacing batteries i just couldn't get that one thermostat to respond after I'd put in the new batteries. There was no sign of life or lights. I contacted Wiser support, they suggested i'd put the batteries in wrong way round, i hadn't. Then gave me a procedure to factory reset the thermostat but as I couldn't get it do anything i wasn't able to do this. We concluded it was dead.
I went back to Amazon and they sent out another unit in less than 24 hours. Worryingly though i had left the old unit with the brand new batteries in and when I went to remove them the whole unit was red hot - i couldn't even touch the batteries. They had also gone from having 1.5v to .4v in a matter of a couple of hours! Wiser has said they've never experienced this. Has anyone else had a radiator thermostat fail yet?