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Thread: Hr92 92 on all radiators bar plinth heater with opentherm

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    Default Hr92 on all radiators bar plinth heater with opentherm

    Just wanting some advise,my system comprises of a Vaillant 831 ecotec plus combi boiler,vr33 opentherm bridge controlled by evohome with honeywell opentherm bridge.My radiators all have the hr92 fitted apart from the bathroom towel rad and smiths plinth heater in the kitchen,this is run off the heating not an electric one.What I would like to do is fit a hr92 to the bathroom towel rad so it can be set to dry the towels during the summer without running the rest of the heating.My boiler has an abv in the boiler itself,I have read about people fitting a separate one usually as far away from the boiler,this would not be possible for me due to the logistics of lifting the floor.My question is would it be ok to fit the new hr92 and leave everything as is,or would it be better to remove the hr92 from the hall,I know this would then heat up if the system was on as this would then become the bypass rad.Phew,that's it I think,would welcome any help from those in the know.
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