I thought id start a new thread with a more accurate title. I'm not giving up on this issue.

OK so after a lot of back and forth with Honeywell, lots of photos being taken and sent and lots of, try the obvious, we still don't yet have a proper answer so I was hoping someone might clarify the flow of data for me.

Temperature is set on the controller. Temperature is sent to HR92. HR92 opens to a point it considerers sufficient to achieve temperature, then it sends a signal back to ...the controller and the BDR91? Then the BDR91 switches on the boiler..?

What happens with my system is temperature is set, and sent to HR92's and HR92's operate all fine within 2 to 4 minutes. I have never set a temperature increase or decrease and had the valves so the wrong thing.

The problem for me is the feedback of the demand requirement.. I have 19 HR92's connected to 11 zones, and the demands get stuck off or on during the operation. So if I switch 5 zones on, 1 or 2 may or may not feedback a demand, so it is stuck on zero. The valves to these zones operate fine. I can go to menu 10 on the valve and it says it is open, you can hear the valve open, the radiator obviously get hot.. but the demand still does not update. I've timed it, its not an exaggeration, and i've taken photos every 4 minutes to prove it.. it takes HALF AN HOUR until the demand changes. If there are two zones that didn't feedback the 100% demand, then it is entirely possible and again has been documented, that one of the feedbacks updates after 30 minutes, and the other is missed again, then it takes another 30 minutes to update. Does anyone know why it is 30 minutes? Does the system do a full communication at 30 minute intervals and only partial the other times... this 4 minute interval all the documentations talk about?

Anyway, the same thing happens with the valves switching off, except, of course, this is the biggest issue, because all the time the boiler demand is set on, the boiler stays on. I have had it where its taken an hour from the zones updating on controller and valves, to all zones reporting 0%, and then the boiler demand was still set at 30% for another 30 minutes.. (the last zone to clear was at 30%).

There is no pattern I can see. It doesn't matter if a zone had 1 HR92 or 4 attached to it. each and every zone could be one that succeeds on one attempt and fails on the next so I don't believe its an issue with the HR92's, the valves or anything physical.

All RF tests report excellent signals.

I thought it might be interference. I have tried switching telephones, wifi routers, sky boxes off and same thing happens. I've changing channels on both frequencies of the wifi, same thing happens. I thought maybe it was my TEXECOM wireless alarm system which is running on 868 frequency as well, but I went round and removed every battery in every sensor and controller and tested evohome, and still does the same thing. (now my alarm needs sorting out lol)

I've unbound everything. Pressed and held button on BDR till light went red slow flashing then fast flashing. Cleared the binding on every HR92 by pressing and holding till it says cleared... then reset each HR92 through menu 12, taken batteries out over night... unbond everything on the controller, then factory reset.. then batteries out over night... then retired set up and same thing happened. Ive done this three times now and always get the same results.

What could be wrong? Is it possible it might be a fault with the BDR91 as I think this is what receives and sends out the demand info isn't it..? I also notice during taking all my photos for Honeywell, that the temperatures in the zones didn't seem to be updating on the controller across the half hour periods...

I am close to Leeds West Yorkshire, and I cant find an installer to come round and help me. I've tried Honeywell's page and called everyone on there, and it seems like this list was put together 5 years ago or so, as no one answers the phone, I had one answer and he's not been a plumber for about 5 years he said... I don't know what else to do. I'm still waiting for Honeywell to get back to me from the most recent dialog and photo sessions on Friday, but I'm wondering, should I go but another controller and receiver, and try this, then if it doesn't work just give it up as a bad job..?

Thanks for your feedback so far..