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Thread: GPS asset tracking

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    Default GPS asset tracking

    I'm looking for a GPS tracking device - something that can be placed inside the holdall of some shared equipment so its location can always be determined. Ideally there'd be an app that shows the item location on a map (like Apple's "find my iphone").

    I've tried the GeGo Luggage Tracker ( and while it held charge well (easily several days), was a good size, and the app did what I wanted, unfortunately the GPS tracking part was not great, with no signal when inside some frequently used buildings. A phone in the same locations *can* be detected.

    Has anyone done something similar and can recommend an alternative device?


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    You won't get GPS tracking inside a building. A phone will be using a combination of cell tower triangulation and known wi-fi networks to determine the position. Both iOS and Android have 'location service' databases / lookups for this stuff.

    A few data enabled GPS trackers also use cell tower lookups, but in my experience they don't even come close to being as accurate as the stuff you'll get in a phone, and are often so inaccurate as to make them useless.

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