Im still trying to get the best setting for intergas xclusive 30 which was installed couple of months ago.

We have evohome with 4 hr92s and opentherm

The problem is mainly with one room which is alwyas cooler then other. During nights hr92 is requesting heat at very low rate.lnin this room. I checked evohome and usually its 4-11%. When there is a demand, hr92 opens valve to 32. The boiler fires up for 10sec the pump circulate the water but the heat never reaches the rad - its completely cold.
This keeps happening every 10min or so, and i suspect it keeps repating as heat never reaches the rad.
I increased the overrun to 5min but this hasnt made any difference.
I suspect that that hr92 has to open much wider then 32 in order to get the heat.

Is ther any solution. I looked even into min ch pump flow but its not clear from intergas how to set it.

Any advise much appreciated