We have had an Evohome installation for 3-4 years now, no big issues to speak of.

We came home from a weekend away with the system set to 'away', my wife adjusted some of the rooms (2 x UFH zones & rest Radiators) on our way back. When home we reset the zones back to the normal schedule & ultimately cancel all demands for heat.

As I get into bed, I hear the boiler going, and I go to check the Airing cupboard, to find both the Hot Water & Radiators BDR91 are lit up, as well as both UFH zones lit on the HCC80R (UFH manifold controller)

I check the controller & there is no demand for heat, all Zones are set to their 'Night time' Temps. I try turning the zones on & off again and yet the system continues 'running heat'.

At this stage I am worried, so I turn everything off at the mains and leave it 15mins. I then turn it all back on again.

Now, this is where I am at.

The BDR91s are unlit/turned off, but ONE Zone on the UFH is lit....but the Manifold has both loops running flow through them. The boiler is also still fired & warming up these zones.
The Main wall controller (big touchscreen) is showing our glasses for ALL zones

...and I have my UFH rooms at the hottest they have ever been?

Can anyone please advise? For now it looks like I need to turn the whole system off at the mains to kill the heating?