Hi all,

Iíve been running evohome for approximately 12 months and have just added an additional 5 zones to my system, so that is 11 in total - alongside the hot water package.

I purchased the HR91s for my bedrooms purely as they were quieter in operation. As such I have now moved my HR92s downstairs.

Since moving the valves there is one particular valve that is constantly showing a comms fault (currently in the kitchen). An rf check shows a signal strength of 5 and I have bound / cleared / rebound multiple times. This is the valve and not location as I have moved the valve to different areas with the same result.

Saying all this the valve functions perfectly - despite the error.

Granted this is not therefore a major issue; however it is seriously messing with my ocd seeing a red exclamation mark on the controller!

Any ideas for me to resolve this or has the valve partially failed for some reason?