hought i'd kick off a new thread to gauge people's thoughts on the future of EvoHome. For complete transparency - I haven't had a great experience with my EvoHome system so having spent best part £900 on a system that doesn't work half the time my opinion may be slightly biased. Putting the reliability of my system to one side. I have several other concerns that to me, raise the question as to the future of EvoHome.

1) Their customer service is notoriously poor. Drop them an email and you're lucky if you get a response withing 1 week. Even then it's a one liner. Usually fobbing you off.
2) There's a complete lack of communication during outages / upgrades / maintenance windows.
3) They seem to be constantly patching the system to keep it alive.
4) There is zero interest in feature upgrades despite 100's of requests.
5) There's hasn't been an app update in 11 months.
6) If you go to the Honeywell Home website, without digging deep, there's no mention of EvoHome. They seem to focus on other products.

All of this stinks of a product line that doesn't anticipate being around much longer. Is anyone familiar with their long term goals? Did I miss an acquisition or announcement maybe?

Interested here what other think.