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Thread: The future of EvoHome Products?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jenks View Post

    If I owned a well insulated box of a modern property, I would go for a Nest or Hive

    An interesting viewpoint that Evohome may not be suited for a well insulated property !

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    I have a well insulated box. My problem was that the sub-boxes (rooms) have different levels of solar gain and different times of occupation etc. This only works if each room can be controlled separately. EvoHome was the only system I could find that enabled this. I don’t need most of the smart features like weather compensation. Just want individual room settings and operation to be as simple as possible. Don’t need lots of statistic or graphs either, so app works fine for me.

    Was hopeful of the new adjustable eco offset feature, but this has turned out to be a backward step for me. It is to much of a faff to adjust because you have to go into a different menu to change the offset setting before activating it and worse still, you now have to compensate for the offset when entering a manual setting while in eco mode.

    At least we managed to stop hot water priority being forced at all times.

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    Just to be clear, I did not mean to be disparaging in my use of the word "box"
    I was just thinking more of a compact modern design with modern insulation and draft free windows etc which is typical of a lot of the current new builds. As against probably a typically older property which may be a bit more rambling with various extra bits which have been added over the years and variable insulation characteristics

    yes. Solar gain is something I have missed, as my house does not normally suffer from this!! But a few days ago, there was a cold north wind and some bright sun from the south which did have a distinct effect

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    I invested in Evohome just under a year ago, mainly as a result of both myself and housemate now working from home (in the two northeast-facing, and therefore generally colder rooms), so wanted more control over the heating of the rooms being used, without wasting energy and money on the ones that weren't. For me, it does that job brilliantly out of the box.

    Of course that's not the end of the story, I then discovered this forum, got interested in the inner workings of the system and since I already ran Domoticz, I started making use of the Evohome integration available in that to monitor the temperatures, and then later invested in an SSM which allowed local monitoring of the demand as well as the temperatures, avoiding the somewhat tempermental Evohome cloud API. So I'm really very happy with my combined solution of Evohome + SSM + Domoticz.

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