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Thread: Drayton wiser - what bits do I need ?

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    Default Drayton wiser - what bits do I need ?

    Hi all

    I'd like to setup my radiator CH system using Drayton Wiser, but not sure what I need.

    I have 5 radiators in bedrooms, and 3 towel radiators in bathrooms.
    It's all fed from a heat bank, so I just need to control the pump (a DAB Evotron smart pump) so it turns on whenever at least one rad calls for heat.

    Most of the kits appear to include the hub, a couple of radiator thermostats, but also a room thermostat.
    Do I need a room thermostat though if all rads have thermostats on them?

    In my mind I just need a hub, and 8 radiator thermostats.
    Will this work, is my understanding correct or am I missing something ?

    Many thanks!

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    Sounds (broadly) similar to my set up as I run from a Thermal store (fed by biomass) and I have a Hub and TRVs on all of my (replaced) rads. The kit I bought came with a room thermostat and I currently use this for controlling my hall radiator. It can be used in place of a TRV or used in conjunction with a TRV. In my scenario, I don't have a TRV on the hall rad (yet - old rad, doesn't fit) so when the hall calls for heat, the rad warms up, the downside is that when any other rad calls for heat, the hall rad also gets the hot water and so warms up. Once I'm all set up (currently in the process of replacing rads and putting TRVs on the new rads) I'll only use the room thermostat in conjunction with a TRV, just so I can get a visual read out on the room, rather than for positive control.

    Short answer, if you have TRVs on all rads, its not necessary, but can be complementary.

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