Hi all,

Looking for some thoughts/advice.

We've had our Evohome system for about 3 years now and it's been pretty faultless, until now....

We the non wifi controller, remote access gateway, one BD91 for heating, one for Water with a thermostat. All in there's around 14 HR92 rad valves.

I'm getting a lot of comms faults in the fault log, initially it was just the heating relay and rebinding it solved the problem however this morning I have comms faults for both BD91s (heat and water) and a master comms fault. Aside of rebinding the BD91s it seems pulling the controller of its stand forcing a resync seems to also sometimes rectify this, however this isn't sustainable.

As I said it's been stable for the majority of the 3 years it's been in and nothing has changed in the house recently that could affect it, I'm beginning to think the controller is knackered, at least from an RF comms capability point of view?

Any thoughts, experiences before I get the installers out?

Ta, James.