Hi there,

Can someone please confirm to me what the valve position is supposed to show ?

It looks like when the valve is completely opened, the HR92 menu shows "100", and "0" when it is completely closed ...
But issue is when I look at the evotouch many, advanced settings -> system resume, it shows strange percentages openings :

For one of the room :
HR92 valve position is at 65, and shows 26% on the evotouch system resume
HR92 valve position then passes at 56 (so closes) , and shows 20% on the evotouch system resume

on another room, the position of the HR92 is at 100, and it shows 100% on the evotouch (so completely opened), which looks ok there.

According me both the HR92 and the evotouch should show the same number on the screen, being the percentage right ?
Any idea ?