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Thread: Honeywell Door bell or what?

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    Default Honeywell Door bell or what?

    I need a basic door bell that will sound in two or three places in the house. Not really bothered about video, just don't want to miss callers. Was looking at the Honeywell range as it looks good but it is quite pricey.

    Basic requirement is to work from a wired door push (maybe wireless, if I can persuade my other half that we don't need the posh brass one..)
    Sounder (battery or mains) near the door and two more (remote wireless battery or mains powered) sounders in other parts of the house.

    Needs to look good (I know, subjective, but compare to Honeywell). Don't need a range of chimes, simple bell or ding-dong is OK.

    What should I bee looking at? Any thoughts welcome.

    Is this even home automation? But I'm sure folks here will have experience of such things.

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    Doesn’t anybody have any views on this?

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    Plenty of wireless doorbells available from places like B&Q.

    I bought two of these packs:

    They can be linked together so from the two packs I have two buttons - one at the front door and one at the back door, and two receivers, one in the hallway down stairs and one upstairs.

    I have a different ring tone programmed for the front and rear door buttons so I can tell immediately from the ring tone which door to go to. Both buttons ring at both receivers if you pair them all together.

    The only thing I would say is that the receiver units are fairly battery hungry. Three AA batteries last less than 6 months although you get plenty of warning they're running low as a light starts flashing on the side several weeks before they finally run out and stop working.

    I see they do a mains powered version of the receiver with a pass through socket so in hindsight I might have got that version for the hallway as there is an available socket. (On the other hand it's in reach of my 3 year old who might think it was funny to turn it off...)

    The button itself has a minature alarm style 12v battery - this lasted about 2 years before I had to replace them, and I had to source replacements online as B&Q don't carry them.

    There are other wireless doorbell systems out there - most if not all allow you to pair any number of buttons and receivers together within the same model range.

    As with any wireless doorbell system you would want to test it occasionally to see that it's working, especially if you don't get many visitors to the door. When the battery in the button finally goes you won't know about without testing it.
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