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Thread: honeywell evohome - is it doable setup

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    Default honeywell evohome - is it doable setup


    I am not able to find any specialist / official consultant of EvoHome (czech republic). In case I tried... they simply don't care about customers with few rooms and are not willing to provide any consultancy / installation. I am bit desperate.

    I am wondering if EvoHome might work under setup/condition I will describe in more detail. I own my electric boiler which can be powered on/off for about 20 hours during the day, there are 4x1hours intervals while High Signal is not there and boiler cant be powered on. I have 3 separate rooms (each has to be a single zone) where I want to control the temperature independently. I was thinking to install rele BRD91 into my electric boiler, setup 3 zones (each room = zone), each room will have 2 Evo valves on the radiators. The system will be controlled by evohome control unit. Is that right case for the evohome? Is it possible to setup/ install in such a setup?

    I tried eq-3 MAX system without any success... It seems that its meant for a central heating system without electric boiler as there is no chance to power on/off boiler as per zone.

    I was also wondering if there is any update of Evohome or if they plan to release a new/upgraded system, looks like evohome is a bit old stuff.

    Thank you!
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