I would be grateful for some advice on how to interconnect a recorder and two set top boxes.
My present system consists of a Sony KV-28WSKU tv, a Technomate TM5000D box with its own satellite aerial, a Sky box with its own aerial and a Panasonic NVHV 60EB-S Video Recorder.
I have just purchased a Sony RDR-HXF710 Recorder with its own built in Freeview tuner. This means that I no longer need the Sky box and the Panasonic Video Recorder.
There are four coaxial leads at present as the people who installed the system arranged that we could view programs coming either from the Technomate, or from the Sky Box, or from the terrestrial tv aerial in other rooms of the house. I think the connections are as follows:

A cable (lets call it C1) connected to the ANT IN socket of the Technomate (presumably from Dish 1)
A cable (C2) connected to the Dish Input of the Sky Box (Dish 2?)
A cable (C3) connected to the RF OUT 1 socket of the Sky Box (think this may be the one that goes up into the loft, presumably to the splitter(?) that is there, and then fed down from that to two other tvs in the house.
A cable (C4) from the TV OUT MODULATOR socket of the Technomate to the IN/ENT socket of the Panasonic
A cable (C5) from the VIDEO OUT socket of the Panasonic to the AERIAL IN socket of the Sky Box
A cable (C6) from the IF IN socket of the Technomate to? (does it also go to the splitter?)
A cable (C7) from RF OUT 2 socket of the Sky Box to the tv.

Sorry to trouble you with so much detail. Have given each cable a code to make it easier to refer to them.

How do I wire up the new Sony?

One further point. We have never been able to record channels received by the Sky Box. Should we be able to record anything with the new Sony, including channels received by the Technomate?

Would be most grateful for your help