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Thread: HR92 takes a long time to turn on.

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    Default HR92 takes a long time to turn on.

    Had my heating system upgraded with evohome for 2 years. What I do notice on one of the rads is that it takes about a minute for the HR92 to turn on from off in the mornings. This is a pain because itís in the bedroom. I have now turned it off completely in the morning so I am not woken up at 5am every time the heating turns on. I have tried taking it off and turning the black wheel all the way to the left and reseating it but itís still the same. Have I just got a dodgy valve on the radiator? The radiator is about 4 years old so not an antique but was there when I bought the house.

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    Just timed one of mine and it takes about 30 seconds to go from fully off to fully on, so a full minute does seem a bit slow, but not exceptionally slow.

    If you temporarily swap that HR92 with another one is it just as slow ? If so, it's probably just that the valve body has become stiff, or if it has always been that slow it might be one with a stiffer than usual spring that is putting the motor under more load.

    You could try setting the Stroke setting in the HR92 to 1 to enable full stroke mode to see if it makes a difference - although it tries to turn further in this mode is also increases the power to the motor a bit so may get there faster with a stiff valve body.

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    If its going from closed to open theres less load, sticky valve would not cause this extra time opening, stronger spring would push up so assist motor. You say two years old, Have you tried new batteries. Might still be ok ish in spec but starting to slow, alkaline batteries do this. Maybe try Lithium, remember to change battery type in menu. Less voltage decay, so a more consistant speed over life.

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