Hi all,
I haven't posted here for a while but I know this is a decent place to get advice.
I'm just about the end of my tether with my evohome setup and I need some help please!
Let me set the scene:
I set up my evohome August 2018 - it worked perfectly and I've had little issues (apart from a few teething issues when I installed it) despite having a small cupboard to put it all in (both BDR's were next to each other and near the boiler (with 30cm).
A few days ago my evohome threw a hissy fit, both BDR's (Heating & hot water) flashing red lights and issues with some loss of comms with zones (2 in particular).
I tried factory reset, unbinding both BDR's and clearing all 4 HR92's to start a fresh.
everything seemed to work OK but I was getting issues with HR92's saying no sync after 10 or so minutes after binding to the evohome controller.

So I though lets do things properly - today I moved the BDR's as far away from each other and the boiler (and any metal work) as much as I possibly can - the BDR's are approx 65cm away from each other, and 50cm away from boilers and pipes. I replaced batteries in all HR92's and the CS92 hot water sensor to some decent energizer ones (not lithium or rechargeable).

I started everything from scratch again (as if it were a new system) - all HR92's cleared BDR's unbound etc but the problem persists.

This has never happened in the 12+ months I've had the system, I've not moved any rads or changed the layout of my home and communication between the HR92's and the evohome controller has been fine.

As far as I am aware the neighbours haven't installed any new wireless technology, and the neighbours the other side are too far away for it to be a problem (probably)

My next move is to see if the problem remains when I swap the HR92's with issues to the rooms I know don't.

Has anyone got any other advice. please!