Hi there,

I have an Evohome system with 8 zones defined and a total of 9 HR92's (2 of them are located in the same zone - living room), but I would like to support a friend who has issues with the setup of its installation and I do not recall how I did the setup. My system is working fine, though ...

I have a couple of questions :

When adding a zone, It asks for its nae then the following options :

1. heating ground
2. heater valve
3. Electric charge
4. Mixing valve
5. Zone Valve

I see on my system all the zones, including the one which has 2 HR92's operating in sync in it, are defined in "Heater valve". What does that mean and what does the other options mean (I can not find the details I need in the installation guide) ?

Then choosing "heater valve" for example once the zone is defined, in its parameters, I another option with :
1. Simple zone
2. Multi zone

What does that mean ?

I think the system offers at least 2 possibilities :

1. Have 2 HR92's in the same zone, for example like in my living room where both HR92's are operating in sync ... but how did I define this ? Define a zone like "Heater valve" then link a first HR92, then go to the second HR92 and link it to the same zone ?

2. Have the Evotouch managing several zones at the same time (like I suppose from the Evotouch you can operate from one single location the temperature of several pieces of the house in sync ?

Many thanks !!