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Thread: evohome data logging using conrad.

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    Default evohome data logging using conrad.

    Hi, just installed Evohome, Wifi Controller and 9xHr92s for 9 zones.

    I wanted to log the temps and setpoint to catch overshoots in temperature, so I could:

    Check TRVs are mechanically working – found one was leaking open when it was meant to be closed.
    Playing about with throttling the radiator on lock shield valve. I find this helps when your radiators are oversized, stops getting to much heat into radiator.
    Also Reducing the boiler temperature from 80’C to 65’C has helped.

    Watching the graphs and data has helped get the overshoot under control.

    I understand that the overshoot happens going from a temperature which is usually 1C or greater below actual Setpoint and radiator gets full flow up to SP and then starts closing flow to 1.5’C above SP when it shuts off then slowly starts to maintain SP nicely.
    I have seen 2-2.5 overshoots, but this is usually when starting from a larger offset temperature 3-4’C below SP. This happens usually in Large (oversized) radiator rooms.
    So trimming the Lock Shield and system boiler temperature has worked.
    I am confident all my TRVs are mechanically closing.

    I have watched the TRVs spool position on display and listened to TRV water flow shutting off, and as far as I am concerned the problem is the HR92s not closing valve more at +0.5C/1C, they should not even be open 1C above SP unless the room is dipping below SP regularly, ie: rapid cooling.

    The zone has had 2 weeks to learn but still would not sort initial overshoot.

    I think this topic has been talked about many times. I Understand PID and control loops, I just think they could do with initial increase in SP should have a bit of dampening in to stop overshoot, then use normal control as that works most the time.

    Anyway, wanted to share my Conrad logging setup as I could not get to work. The software would not connect. I think I needed to delete my Evohome account, re-create to get this working which I did not want to do.

    So I have setup a project and published in this allow auto exporting to google sheets.
    The free accounts allows u to use 4xprojects which allows 3sensors and 3setpoints, which allows you a full 12 zone evohome setup.

    Each project should be setup to publish to same named google sheet.

    Each project should be setup to publish to a different named worksheet for the 3sensors and 3SP used in that project

    You can copy my setup and just change names where you want.


    See project setup here

    project 1.jpg
    project 2.jpg
    project 3.jpg
    project 4.jpg
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    Obviously you can use the dashboard, but the project seems to log at a high sample rate. Plus the Dashboard you can only get 12 items on it. See below.

    Conrad Dash.jpg

    You can see the Google Sheet logging from conrad below

    sheet 1.jpg
    sheet 2.jpg
    sheet 3.jpg

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