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Thread: Best settings for zones

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    Default Best settings for zones


    Im looking for some tips how to use evohome and intergas xlusive via opentherm bridge most efficiently.

    I live in a 3 bedroom semi house. We have hr92 on every rad apart of hall and bathroom. Due to different shift patterns i have various schedules for rooms and the livingroom.

    I ve read that most efficent way is too switch off the heating in the rooms which are not used.

    But whats your experience about it. For example what temp do you set for livingroom at night when is not used? At the moment i have 15 but should it not be higher if other rooms are being heated at nights.

    Ive set the living room to be at 19C between 6-830am then we go to work and living room is set as 15c same as other rooms again.

    But having an opentherm would it not be best to set the temp higher when the house is not used?

    Whats your experience

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    There is a lot of debate around leave the heating on or off when you are away. The majority of research I have seen come down on turn it off. And if you think about how quickly the temp drops if you set it at say 21 then turn off the heating, you can see how quickly heat is lost.

    So I follow the following - Daytime temp 18 all downstairs, evening temp 20 downstairs - I hardly ever have first floor heating on. If I am away for > 2 hours then heating is off - It takes around 15 minutes to recover when I get back, and I don't bother setting it on on the way home.

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