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Thread: RAMSES protocol but not Honeywell

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    Default RAMSES protocol used by non-Honeywell kit

    Some people may find this interesting, I have seen the RAMSES II protocol used by non-Honeywell kit.

    For a hobby, I am in the process of writing a python-based evohome controller.

    As part of this, I have found a set of kit that is nothing to do with Honeywell, but is compliant with the RAMSES II RF protocol.

    It is a ventilation system from Nuaire, and I have the following working (presumably related kit from Nuaire is also RAMSES II-compliant):
    - Ventilator (with heater)
    - 4-way switch
    - Humidity sensor

    New commands (not seen elsewhere by me) include: 12A0 (sensor_humidity), 22F1 (vent_switch), 31DA (vent_status) and 31E0 (vent_on_off).

    For example, here is a packet from the relative humidity sensor:
    045  I --- 32:168090 --:------ 32:168090 12A0 006 003C07A8049C
    Decoded payload (003C07A8049C):
    {'domain': '00', 'relative_humidity': 0.61, 'temperature': 19.71, 'dewpoint': 12.09}
    The python code to take the raw payload and create the JSON is:
        "domain": payload[:2],
        "relative_humidity": int(payload[2:4], 16) / 100,
        "temperature": int(payload[4:8], 16) / 100,
        "dewpoint": int(payload[8:12], 16) / 100,
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    Very interesting.

    That kit is REALLY useful if you have damp issues in your home. Also good for landlords to fit in rentals.

    Doesn't look like all of the products support this. Can't see anything mentioned in the Flatmaster installer manual, for example. Which is a shame - you need that if you don't have loft space (either a flat for you have a loft conversion).
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    Yes very interesting to a very small set of people - if I can find someone at Nuaire, then maybe I can get more specs of RAMSES-II (although I suspect is a related protocol, the Residential Networtk Protocol on whihc RAMSES-II is based).

    Hmmm... I may be need to install something similar to a flatmaster soon...

    Anyway, the two systems do not appear to talk to each other.

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